12 Jun, 2019

A Case for Citrus

As someone prone to bouts of melancholy, I love citrus-based essential oils for their ability to help you chase away the blues and bête noires. With their refreshing, juicy, zesty nature, no other oils for me have the ability to lighten the mood and encourage play or stimulate the imagination like citrus oils.

Lemon essential oil
MIND Sharpens, energises, helps bust stress, mental exhaustion and promotes clear thinking. BODY Antiseptic action detoxifies and fights infection; supports weight loss and lymphatic drainage; helps reduce the appearance of scars and rebalances oily skin. SPIRIT A physical and psychic cleanser—disinfects spaces, cleanses negativity and energetically uplifts.  

Mandarin essential oil
MIND Stimulates; calms the nervous system to uplift the mood and relieve anxiety; inspires the imagination to play and explore. BODY A powerful antioxidant, mandarin has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat digestive problems—helps relieve bloating and cramps; may help induce sleep; a friendly oil during pregnancy (helps prevent stretchmarks); a great first essential oil for kids. SPIRIT Known as a dosha rebalancer in Ayurveda as it restores harmony and creativity. 

Lemon and mandarin essential oils are great for helping relieve water retention, but direct exposure to sunlight with skin may cause burns and what we call phototoxicity. For this reason, never use them neat—always blend your essential oils in a carrier oil such as jojoba, grape seed, olive or coconut and avoid direct sun exposure or tanning beds when you’ve applied these oils on the body.

Bergamot essential oil
MIND A chilled out, uplifting oil; restores the mind when feeling depressed, anxious or burnt-out; helps chase away the shadows of the mind. BODY Antiseptic and antioxidant—supports the immune system; helpful in managing digestive and respiratory problems; deodorant; helps treat acne-prone and oily skin types. SPIRIT Bergamot helps us reconnect with our higher and positive selves, promoting mental rejuvenation and inner rest. Our bergamot oil is bergapten-free, making it safe for you to blend into a carrier oil and wear out in the sun. Of course, SPF 50 sunscreen is always the order of the day—in any weather, regardless if you’re wearing essential oils or otherwise!

Hope you enjoy discovering these helpful little essential oil healers x Alli

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