12 Apr, 2014

Apartment Therapy

Hello New York! It’s a gorgeous Saturday morning and we’re round the breakfast table with coffee and OJ, cookies and crumbs of banh mi bought from down the street.

To paint the scene, it’s a renovated loft in downtown New York. There’s exposed brick, wood floors, a furnace with chopped wood at the ready, raw bulbs and hanging plants. We’re a sneeze from SoHo and five flights of stairs up from the world.

My main squeeze is reading Chuck Palaniuk on the couch, and I’ve had the sudden flash of inspiration to drop in on the blog. It’s been an incredible journey so far and I’ve loved catching up with old friends, eating some of the most amazing  food and taking in some gorgeous sights. Yes, I think New York definitely gets me and this is an enduring love. Could I love a city more than Paris? Bien sûr. NY would be it.

From the Bowery to Brooklyn, there are too many things that I adore about this place. The overheard conversations, drugstore finds, the handmade community in Williamsburg, the food (so delicious! so affordable!), the art & culture, the service. We laughed our butts off at a Comedy Club a few nights ago and made our way to Ippudo for a very late dinner. There’s been the Met and MoMa, Central Park and many taxi rides in between. I’m glad this city of dreams had room for two more people if only just for 10 days or so.

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And in other news, with Mother’s Day coming up on May 11, you can now surprise the best mama ever without so much as having to roll out of bed. Mmerci Encore have teamed up with Yi Lian Floral Atelier to present to you some of the most stunning bouquet & home spa aromatherapy treats ever.

Sets range from Little Mrs Sunshine ($120) to Madama Butterfly ($180) and My Fair Lady ($280). Pick a floral personality and we’ll deliver the fresh handcrafted surprise to her door on Mother’s Day itself.

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PS – thanks again to the Big & Little Project in Style family for having us over and capturing this very fun spread! x

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