20 Mar, 2016

Back to Life

…a fruitful vine near a spring, whose branches climb over a wall.”

— Genesis 49:22

It’s been a crazy two months! We did Paris, twice. Captured our adventures on both Snapchat and Instagram at @mmerciencore.

From running between appointments and fashion week re-sees to blending and quietly packing orders in the studio in Singapore, we’re so grateful to be able to pick up the trusty iPhone or hop on the ol’ Mac and share this journey with you guys.

Some days feel like projects are in arrested development. But as I told myself in January, and have to keep repeating on days of low energy: Inspiration is for amateurs. The only way you will feel better is to do the work.

So here’s to pushing through and thinking bigger and launching into things that scare you. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately… You can grab our fresh batch aromatherapy goods here: store.mmerciencore.com x

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