11 Nov, 2019

Closing Strong

Won’t lie: the whole “two months till the end of a decade” is stirring up a few emotions. Before we start spiralling into all that’s left to be done and accomplished, I know at least I will be taking a moment to reflect on all the achievements of the year (and ok, decade), despite all the challenges faced.

I knew it then, but now more than ever: peace and kindness are the order of the day. Emit these, and be around people who radiate these too.

We’re so excited to be back with some of our favourite spaces and places of the year.

This November, we’ve popped up alongside the sustainable multi-label store, Zerrin. You can consciously shop to your heart’s delight till 29 Nov at their space, located on Level 2 of The Social Space at Marina One.

Mmerci Encore is also psyched to be back at Boutique Fairs, find us on Level 3 of the F1 Pit Building from Friday 15 to Sunday 17 November.

In addition to some gorgeous curated gift sets this season (you have to check out our four offerings: The Higher Self, The Restored Self, The Rested Self and The Sublime Self), we are delighted to share our three new Room Aura Mists. These aromatherapy air fresheners are a great way to instantly enjoy our hit essential oil blends, especially in situations where you’re not always able to pull out a diffuser such as the plane or open-plan offices.

Spritz Breathe, Rise or Nightshade Room Aura Mists to revel in a gorgeous halo of essential oils that benefit your senses. In addition to layering on those aromatherapy roll-on blends, these room mists are a discrete way to get your instant essential oil fix.

Essential oils are such a great way to not only change the atmosphere or the energy of a space, but they impart wonderful health benefits (when used wisely). I’ve just taken to spritzing Rise or Breathe around when I feel a bit flat in the space, they’re great olfactive sorbets as it were, cleansing the nasal palate before I start diffusing something else.

Our Room Aura Mists have been ages in the making: I always knew I needed a room spray to help elevate each space. There are times when you’re hit with stale or bad air and desperately need a pop of scent but it’s not always realistic or practical to whip out a diffuser and suite of oils. So I’m happy to have stuck with it, reworking the formula over and over till it was just right. Can it be used as a body spray? While the ingredients are safe and therapeutic grade (meaning, despite it being a room scent, I still insist on active essential oils as to inferior commercial substitutes), I definitely would use this exclusively as an atmosphere or room mist—spraying it away from skin, fabrics, and leather surfaces.

And finally, Mmerci Encore has found a second home in the East: please check out our new digs at Komma, located at PLQ Mall (Paya Lebar Quarter). Komma is a multi-label store and cafe, they’ve got an exciting line-up of workshops and so much more. Mmerci Encore has curated a slew of gorgeous aromatherapy goods to be found within: head down to check out the full range of aromatherapy blends, aromatherapy roll-on perfumes and a selection of body care products.

Shop Mmerci Encore Room Aura Mists and limited edition gifts today, and avoid the Christmas rush! x

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