30 May, 2019

Daydream Mirage

If you’ve ever traipsed across Orchard Road, you might have be lucky enough to encounter one of the seasonal artist windows over at Hermès, Liat Towers. In my opinion, they’re literal traffic-stoppers that just get better in time.

This season, the house gave French artist Lilian Daubisse creative carte blache and he decided to fashion a dreamscape entirely out of corrugated cardboard: think undulating vegetation, at once alien and artful. Inspired by Hermès’ annual theme of the year: In the Pursuit of Dreams, Daubisse discovered corrugated cardboard as a student and it has been his medium of choice ever since.

Visit Daydream Mirage up close, and you’ll discover the references to Pointillism and Aboriginal art. He creates all his pieces by entirely by hand and is drawn to cardboard as it doesn’t have the kind of link to history or ‘civilisation’ that a material like wood does. According to Daubisse who once worked in an archaeology office, it’s the unpainted colour of cardboard: warm and easily identifiable that makes it so relatable. And yet, his creations when viewed from afar don’t seem to be cardboard… until they are.

The unexpected beauty of his work makes sense when viewed in an Hermès context (the house likes to ‘ennoble’ materials, using straw and wicker for instance, in its furniture and bags).

A small group of us got a chance to spend time with Daubisse at Hermès Liat Towers where we had a great afternoon learning about his process and made cardboard necklaces (or in my case, a Christmas tree bunting) of our own! Don’t judge me, I’m not great with the arts and crafts…

It took us over an hour to create this, whereas the windows took the artist 7 months to create by hand, so let’s just say we’ll leave this to the professionals.

Sewing the pre-cut discs of corrugated cardboard together… And even then, Brioni had to help me, oy vey.

Be sure to take a gander at Lilian’s windows if you’re at Hermès Liat Towers – 541 Orchard Road, Singapore.

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