27 May, 2016


I’m in my second week of ayurvedic oil pulling which is reported to promote brighter teeth, better oral health, and help relieve a whole host of sleep and sinus issues.

It seemed at weird first… the jarringĀ sensation of solidified coconut oil melting on your tongue and being swished about. I pull for about 10 minutes in the morning (you’re meant to do 20 technically), followed with a rinse of himalayan salt water. The cold oil is always a jolt to the system but I’m loving it so far as a pre-tea ritual.

You read all these articles about how successful people spend their first moments each day. Most will tell you that they gym, journal, eat something ridiculously healthy, meditate or talk to God. They light a candle, drink their cups of tea or coffee, get intentional, get quiet. They employ these rituals that help frame their day ahead.

A part of me was thinking, really? You can’t just have bad breath and bushy hair just like everyone else?

In another article I read, the author shared how she sets her phone to airplane mode for the first two hours of the day. She doesn’t want to be connected to the world just yet, she doesn’t want to know what everyone else on social media is up to.

Last night, I watched Morgan Freeman’s Nat Geo documentary about God and what the divine means to different cultures.

It showed a ritual of a young Navajo girl, in her transition from childhood to womanhood. The excerpt seen here doesn’t really do it justice, but when she started running at dawn after several days of this rite of passage, I had tears in my eyes as it was so powerful. She and elder women of her tribe, running with her, calling out, wild, free. Their culture believes in that moment, she is the deity, Changing Woman. Sorry this can’t be embedded, you’ll just have to click and watch on the outlink. It was very moving.

Whether you’re having your daily first cup of tea in the morning or working on something as significant as yourself today, I hope you find a ritual that you can call your own. OneĀ that encourages you and celebrates who you are. x

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