09 Oct, 2011

Soul Food

Hello from my bed. While I wait for the galleries to open today, I thought I would  share this incredible project by Hermès.

I managed to duck very quickly into an art gallery over lunch this week and was so moved by the Rodins and the Yves Kleins and the Joan Miró pieces. It was such a shame to not have been able to stay longer but the minute I walked in, my eyes felt fed, my soul felt nourished and, like the exhaustion and relief that comes after a good cry, I felt at peace. I may have even been a little Stendhaled. Much like that time I found myself gaping at paintings in museums in Italy, I was about as high on art as one could get on a Wednesday lunch break.

There are things of extraordinary wonder like the sunset above Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, or the vastness of the Indian Ocean at dusk, but to experience the heartbeat of an artist is wondrous. That we as humans, are able to think, and feel, and create such pieces leaves me in awe.

But back to Hermès. My love for odalisque art—the decadence, the contours and milky skin of these exotic birds captured in their faraway hammams and harems—has been a long and quiet passion. Here, Hermès have added artful enamel bracelets to the conversation, putting a contemporary spin on this timeless masterpiece.

What I love most about these images is the sheer whimsy of taking something so modern and seamlessly juxtaposing it  with these enduring paintings.

More can be found here.


La grande Odalisque, J. A. D. Ingres, 1814. Bracelets en émail / enamel bracelets, Calèche, Pour Sortir, Tenues et Couvertures 2

And since we’re on the topic of soul food, I also wanted to share a few snapshots from around my house which perk me up. The image below from a mood board in my guest bedroom.

A line from an old Carolina Herrera campaign, it reads, “The most important thing is to choose who you have around you, people with positive energy, that stay grounded.”

We’re doing life, as my dad says, emphasis on the do. Every day is a battle to make the most of your lot, and it’s about finding people who support you and vice-versa, sharing each other’s burdens, exchanging wisdom, laughter and love. Each friend is an investment and a life partner. Surrounding yourself with people who nourish your soul and keep it real is vital.

The next visual is an editorial from Underscore‘s Justin Long, who dropped by the office yesterday. A magazine that includes a soundtrack for every article, I loved learning about their process, and just the inherent need to inspire and produce work that offers this world a bit of beauty is something I identify with.

Nothing is perfect, nothing lasts, and nothing is finished.

Beauty is fleeting, but that in itself is a constant. Appreciate every encounter.

Also, song of the moment: Same Changes – The Weepies. “And everyone says this love will change you but I ask, does anything ever stay the same? No. Just same changes.”

Images via Hermès, Mmerci Encore.

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