17 Oct, 2014


This happens from time to time. A part of me, mid-laugh, steps out of my body. As if the moment is on pause. And I’m watching us laugh hysterically. I’m looking at the grin of my handsome best friend, the way he covers his mouth with his hand, shoulders shaking, when he laughs.

I can feel my head throw back a smile. I can hear my laugh, ridiculous and sharp. Ha! Hur hur. Then I accidentally snort and he’s set off in fresh peals of laughter.

In that moment, I am thinking that life cannot get any better than this. Wherever we are.

And I think how sublime it is that we will never be as young or unburdened than in this moment.

But just as I start to feel melancholy that moments like these dissolve too quickly, I think, this is our happiness... who’s going to take that away from us? Nobody. Not even me.

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