17 Jun, 2019

Work it Out

Oh, lethargy!

Unlike my dear, super-enthusiastic friends over at lululemon Singapore, #thesweatlife has never come second nature to me. Every email or conversation is always peppered with, “Wanna do yoga with me?” or “Let’s do a spin class!”

They walk the talk, is what I’m saying.

I guess that’s why it’s called a work out, because if it was anything less than that, it’d be a chill out. -_-

I recently found myself feeling really disconnected from my body and it was only after a restorative yoga class did I realise it was because I had spent too much time in my head, running around with meetings, and too little time in the quiet or on the mat.

We talk about grounding or centering but what does that really mean? When I feel like things are swirling about in my head or that I’m faced with dead ends and no way to progress, I’ve found these things to be helpful:

  • prayer & meditation
  • listening to music (I brought my Airpods to yoga and listened to Raura’s Crystal Singing Bowl Solo Collection album before class which seemed to slow down my beating heart)
  • doing something physical (go for a swim, a walk, jump on a trampoline)
  • adding a sensorial component – or in my case, I brought my crystals, Flow Elixir and Afterglow Elixir to class with me to layer the oils on my feet and heart. They both have complimentary citrus top notes but are grounded in ouds, so it really was the perfect combination of essential oils to help me get in the right headspace. I swear I’ve never felt so calm & euphoric after.
Yin essentials: Flow Elixir, crystals and anything meditative on the Airpods

It’s so funny how often we can talk about things like self-care and mind-body wellness, yet forget that coming back to yourself is actually so simple.

In an age that has completely packaged and commodified self-care, here’s a reminder that:

  • self-care is not to be confused with self-indulgence
  • self-care is about creating a life you don’t need to escape from
  • self-care comes in all forms and is very often the things you don’t want to do/feel like doing in order for you to be or go to the next level. For instance, it’s about confronting gnarly feelings instead of burying them or allowing yourself to be distracted by other things. It can also be about exercising restraint when you want to go on a shopping spree because you know all those bills are going to give you anxiety later
  • when you feel out of it and disconnected from your body/spirit/mind, it’s as simple as doing the thing you’ve been avoiding. There are times to be still and silent. But if you’re feeling ungrounded and needing to restore equilibrium as a result of overthinking things, it’s about actively pursuing peace or balance through movement, touch, and all those other sensorial elements we take for granted.

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