Merry & Bright

With just a handful of days left before Christmas, let us save you the mad hustle of gift shopping with our handcrafted artisanal aromatherapy goods!

Shop today to have all your Christmas goodies sorted, and don’t forget, last day for orders is Tue 20 Dec, 2016!

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Gently, Gently


When I loved myself enough, I began leaving whatever wasn’t healthy. This meant people, jobs, my own beliefs and habits – anything that kept me small. My judgment called it disloyal. Now I see it as self-loving.”

– Kim McMillen

CURRENTLY BURNING Mmerci Encore’s Gently, Gently blend which encourages you to be kind and forgiving to yourself. For days when you’ve got nothing left to give. A lifesaver for when self-care is essential, but the hardest, to give to yourself.

You’re Invited to the Wellness Weekend

Deep down, we all know that beauty is an inside job. The hottest serums and latest diets don’t mean much if things aren’t balanced and stable within.

Which is why we’re so pleased to be part of the WELLNESS WEEKEND on Sat 9 April.

Brought to you by The Wellness Report x Body With Soul, we’ll be joining the likes of other mindful labels (think Acai by Selva Foods, Anaya Honey, Under Armour and Palm Ave Float)  to celebrate holistic living.

Our Breathe blend will be burning in the chill meditation rooms and we’re blending some of our bestselling artisanal aromatherapy goods for you to try and take home on the day. If there’s one thing you do for yourself this coming weekend, join us.

Mmerci Encore at The Wellness Weekend



WELLNESS WEEKEND by The Wellness Report x Body With Soul

Saturday 9 April, 2pm to 6pm

44/45 Rochester Park, Singapore

Back to Life

…a fruitful vine near a spring, whose branches climb over a wall.”

— Genesis 49:22

It’s been a crazy two months! We did Paris, twice. Captured our adventures on both Snapchat and Instagram at @mmerciencore.

From running between appointments and fashion week re-sees to blending and quietly packing orders in the studio in Singapore, we’re so grateful to be able to pick up the trusty iPhone or hop on the ol’ Mac and share this journey with you guys.

Some days feel like projects are in arrested development. But as I told myself in January, and have to keep repeating on days of low energy: Inspiration is for amateurs. The only way you will feel better is to do the work.

So here’s to pushing through and thinking bigger and launching into things that scare you. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately… You can grab our fresh batch aromatherapy goods here: x

Give Love

We promise we’ll be sharing updates of the new and exciting things that have been happening around here over the past several months (you can always find us on Snapchat at mmerciencore!).

However, Christmas is literally around the corner and the deadline to get your orders in to make it for the big day is 13 Dec. We make all our aromatherapy goods from scratch, in small batches using the finest ingredients from Europe and Australia and would hate for you and your loved ones to miss Santa so hurry & shop now!

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