Live in the Light

…and love the shit out of yourself.

You’re Invited to the Wellness Weekend

Deep down, we all know that beauty is an inside job. The hottest serums and latest diets don’t mean much if things aren’t balanced and stable within.

Which is why we’re so pleased to be part of the WELLNESS WEEKEND on Sat 9 April.

Brought to you by The Wellness Report x Body With Soul, we’ll be joining the likes of other mindful labels (think Acai by Selva Foods, Anaya Honey, Under Armour and Palm Ave Float)  to celebrate holistic living.

Our Breathe blend will be burning in the chill meditation rooms and we’re blending some of our bestselling artisanal aromatherapy goods for you to try and take home on the day. If there’s one thing you do for yourself this coming weekend, join us.

Mmerci Encore at The Wellness Weekend



WELLNESS WEEKEND by The Wellness Report x Body With Soul

Saturday 9 April, 2pm to 6pm

44/45 Rochester Park, Singapore

Invest in Yourself

There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.”


I was always ashamed to take. So I gave. It was not a virtue. It was a disguise.”

— Anais Nin

Many times this year I’ve wondered if it were all worth it. What was the purpose. What was my purpose.

The late nights running for the train after night school, delivering stock on a lunch break, sharing, refining, redoing, explaining, giving, deleting, listening, defending, being open, being vulnerable, staying positive, letting go, resisting a hardened heart, living in the moment, thinking long term, learning how to take, remembering why I started. Comparing, envying, releasing, creating, dreaming, doing, striving, apologising, overthinking, grinding, reacting, evolving, decision-making, enduring, questioning, loving, wondering, wandering, editing, absorbing, processing, procrastinating, bulldozing, wanting, caring.

Caring. Why do you care? What is your purpose? What is the greatest unspoken desire of your heart that you are moment-by-moment trying to bring into fruition?

My only conclusion for now, is this. Perhaps I, perhaps you, were born for such a time as this. What if there is greatness within.

Coffee and Calm

You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.”

― Pema Chodron

I can't explain

A Sisyphean Season

I look at you and see all the ways a soul can bruise, and I wish I could sink my hands into your flesh and light lanterns along your spine so you know there’s nothing but light when I see you.”

― Shinji Moon

SATURDAY. Even the sound of the word thrills me. Saturday means runs for coffee and ham and cheese croissanwiches from our local, Simply Bread at Cluny Court. It’s beat up, grey marle t-shirts and faded silk tap shorts. It’s random beauty tutorials and CSI the night before. Catch ups with friends.

Saturday is a welcome relief to the week. The past few days have been challenging. My energy was low. I croaked some feelings out to my partner late last night. The reply reframed everything for me:

I love you. This is not a test. It will happen. All in good time. 

My new mantra.

So if you’re feeling low and hope-less, I’d like to encourage you too.

I love you. This is not a test. It will happen. All in good time. 

Or as my friend Natalie in New York likes to say: Trust.

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