27 Dec, 2017

Glowing Up

Can you read my writing?


The phone works both ways Never let yourself be guilted or manipulated by people who take and never give, only to play victim when you walk away from their toxic game. As a mentor of mine rhetorically questions, why are we nicer to people who mistreat us? 

Just show up Whether it’s for a one month year old’s party, a friend’s engagement brunch, a wake or a wedding, success in maintaining life’s relationships pretty much boils down to just showing up, I think. You may not have the right things to say. You may be internally griping that you’re wasting a perfectly good Saturday morning, or that you’d much rather be in bed. And you can forget worrying about bringing the perfect gift. I learned while looking around me at our weddings, that all that matters is the people in the room with you. Whatever they were feeling that day, they chose to be there for you when they didn’t have to. And if you can’t make it, for goodness sake, send a card and flowers, would you?

It’s all going to come out anyway You might as well just be your real, fatally flawed, deeply feeling self from the start. The truth is going to scare who it needs to scare and ultimately, attract the people who are really unafraid to love you as you are.

What did you learn this year?

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