You’re Invited to the Wellness Weekend

Deep down, we all know that beauty is an inside job. The hottest serums and latest diets don’t mean much if things aren’t balanced and stable within.

Which is why we’re so pleased to be part of the WELLNESS WEEKEND on Sat 9 April.

Brought to you by The Wellness Report x Body With Soul, we’ll be joining the likes of other mindful labels (think Acai by Selva Foods, Anaya Honey, Under Armour and Palm Ave Float)  to celebrate holistic living.

Our Breathe blend will be burning in the chill meditation rooms and we’re blending some of our bestselling artisanal aromatherapy goods for you to try and take home on the day. If there’s one thing you do for yourself this coming weekend, join us.

Mmerci Encore at The Wellness Weekend



WELLNESS WEEKEND by The Wellness Report x Body With Soul

Saturday 9 April, 2pm to 6pm

44/45 Rochester Park, Singapore

Back to Life

…a fruitful vine near a spring, whose branches climb over a wall.”

— Genesis 49:22

It’s been a crazy two months! We did Paris, twice. Captured our adventures on both Snapchat and Instagram at @mmerciencore.

From running between appointments and fashion week re-sees to blending and quietly packing orders in the studio in Singapore, we’re so grateful to be able to pick up the trusty iPhone or hop on the ol’ Mac and share this journey with you guys.

Some days feel like projects are in arrested development. But as I told myself in January, and have to keep repeating on days of low energy: Inspiration is for amateurs. The only way you will feel better is to do the work.

So here’s to pushing through and thinking bigger and launching into things that scare you. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately… You can grab our fresh batch aromatherapy goods here: x

Give Love

We promise we’ll be sharing updates of the new and exciting things that have been happening around here over the past several months (you can always find us on Snapchat at mmerciencore!).

However, Christmas is literally around the corner and the deadline to get your orders in to make it for the big day is 13 Dec. We make all our aromatherapy goods from scratch, in small batches using the finest ingredients from Europe and Australia and would hate for you and your loved ones to miss Santa so hurry & shop now!

Breathe It All In, Love It All Out

When I’m feeling like there’s no love coming to me and I have no love to give… When I’m feeling separated from the world and cut off from myself… When I’m feeling annoyed by every little thing because I’m not getting what I want… I’ll remember that there is an infinite amount of love available to me. And I’ll see it in you. I’ll remember that I am complete within myself. So I’ll never have to look to you to complete me. And most of all, I’ll remember that everything I really need I already have, and whatever I don’t have will come to me when I’m ready to receive it.”

 — Will and Grace

CURRENTLY BURNING a blend of thyme, frankincense, lavender (augustifolia) and mandarin in this crazy haze bought on by massive forest fires in Indonesia. The oils help purify the air, as well as promote better breathing thanks to their anti-spasmodic (read: super relaxing, airway opening), sedative and anti-depressant properties. Frankincense has been used since Biblical times to maintain a healthy immune system. Aside from being a wonderful anti-aging oil, its decongestant properties mean it’s also helpful in soothing coughs/respiratory infections as it helps expel gross phlegm. Lavender also has wonderful anti-bac properties to naturally keep you and your loved ones healthier, ditto mandarin – another great tonic – which is safe for kids. So the lights are low, the space is cosy and we’re in a cocoon of calm unlike the eerie blanket of smoke outside. It’s always in times like these my heart goes out to people whose livelihoods mean they need to be exposed to the haze.

BEEN FEELING a little low lately, the late nights and horrible pollution certainly don’t help lighten the mood. I caught a podcast while I was working today, where the speaker suggested that it was not in nature’s way to see what you’ve planted in the same season. Putting a seed in the ground doesn’t mean you’re going to see a great harvest the next day. This ain’t no beanstalk. Things worth having take time. What you do now prepares you for the next phase, and you’ll reap in this season what you planted previously. Just because nothing happens overnight doesn’t mean it won’t happen, he suggested (how very Pantene Pro-V circa the ’90s). Delays are not always denials. It got me thinking about foundations, and why the now really counts.

SO I STOOD in the kitchen reheating leftover pumpkin risotto (it had pine nuts, spinach, parmesan – the works) from the other night. And I listed aloud all the things I was grateful for. Point by point. The great and the insignificant. While it felt a little forced at first, but that’s just it. Sometimes, to get out of a rut, you just have to push yourself. Eye-rolls and everything. So I rattled them off, despite being alone. Did it help? Perhaps being mindfully grateful is like taking vitamins. They’re better with daily, long-term use. What are you thankful for?

In the Pink

SOME DAYS when I feel run down – lethargic, not as vital as usual or my immunity is low, I take essential oils of eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender and lemon together with a touch of clove, and put a few drops on the soles of my feet. I like to do this when I’m on the road as well, as you never know what you’ll encounter on your journey. These have brilliant natural anti-bacterial properties to kill germs and viruses. Tea tree oil is such as star as it works on a broad-spectrum level to kill a trifecta of germs, viruses and bacteria. Additionally, eucalyptus and lavender spike have a camphor component which enables better breathing which is helpful when you get the sniffles.

If you do have super sensitive skin, you could blend this together with a carrier oil such as lightweight grapeseed or sweet almond. I’d avoid applying oils neat onto the skin anywhere else than the soles of the feet (which has super thick skin, if you hadn’t noticed earlier). Essential oils are highly potent and have their own high alcohol content so they are in a way, solvents in their own right and could be a touch irritating. Blending them with carrier oils are the way to go.

If in a space where I can’t burn or diffuse oils (i.e. if you’re in an open plan office and you suspect your colleagues will get gnarky), you could also drop these on a tissue and inhale.


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